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Steel Caissons

At Arntzen Corporation, we manufacture custom sized steel caissons used as foundations in the underground contruction industry. Our expansive property includes a facility measuring 200,000 square feet with an additional 35 acres of outdoor storage and on-site rail access. This large capacity allows us to store a large inventory of carbon steel plate for immediate production, expediting turnaround. Steel plate between 0.312" and 2" can be rolled on one of 17 different plate rolls to diameters between 24" and 192". Double Submerged Arc Welding (DSAW) is used to weld straight seems on Arntzen pipe.

Caissons are used in safety critical applications, making the quality and safety of our products our highest priority. Full material certification reports are available to verify conformance to all customer specifications. Cutting teeth, picking eyes, reinforcement bands, and twisting slots can all be incorporated into custom designs. Coating options include coal tar epoxy, black bituminous, or primer coatings. We produce steel caissons in lengths up to 120' and have the capacity to produce up to 4,000' per week. The lead time for each project is quoted on a job by job basis, with turnaround averaging between one day and three weeks. For additional information about our custom steel caissons, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Braced Steel Caisson Pipe FoundationBraced Steel Caisson Pipe Foundation
Steel caissons are braced on both ends to maintain roundness during trucking. Arntzen pipe and caissons are preferred by contractors because they are straight and round allowing for optimum installation on the job site.
Caisson Steel Drilled Foundation ShaftCaisson Steel Drilled Foundation Shaft
Arntzen rolls and welds large diameter steel pipe and caissons from mill plate. Our rubber tired gantry crane loads up to 80 tons.
Drilled Shaft Steel Caisson PipeDrilled Shaft Steel Caisson Pipe
Rolled and welded caissons for drilled shafts are most commonly manufactured for .750", .875, 1.00, 1.125" and 1.25" plate thicknesses. Reinforcing bands make the ends thicker and strengthen the areas where twist lock slots and picking eyes are installed.
Heavy Large Steel Pipe ShaftHeavy Large Steel Pipe Shaft
Arntzen rolls and welds huge heavy steel caissons and can load and ship up to 16 Ft diameter and up to 80 tons. All diameters, wall thicknesses and lengths are made to order.
Huge Heavy Welded Steel PipeHuge Heavy Welded Steel Pipe
Arntzen 80 Ton rubber tired gantry crane loads huge caissons in our steel pipe yard. Heavy welded steel pipe requires careful handling and bracing to maintain roundness and shape.
Large Steel Caisson Truck PermitLarge Steel Caisson Truck Permit
Longer steel caissons are loaded on stretch step deck trailers and permitted for length. Rolled and welded caisson diameters include 132", 144" 168" and 192". All diameters can be produced to specifications.
Mill Steel Plate Caisson RolledMill Steel Plate Caisson Rolled
Steel plate by the railcar arrives from the steel mills to be rolled into large diameter pipe for large diameter steel pipe and caissons.
Rolled And Welded Steel PipeRolled And Welded Steel Pipe
Rolled and welded steel caissons manufactured by Arntzen typically are produced to start shipping within a few weeks. Fast delivery is one of many things that makes Arntzen the casing pipe and caisson mill of choice.
Rolled Welded Steel Caisson ShaftRolled Welded Steel Caisson Shaft
Arntzen loads and ships over height, overweight, over wide and over-length steel pipe and caissons.
Rolled Welded-Steel Drilled FoundationRolled Welded-Steel Drilled Foundation
Caissons for drilled shafts and foundations are made by cutting, rolling and welding steel plate. We are known for straight and round steel pipe.
Temporary Steel Drilled Caisson PipeTemporary Steel Drilled Caisson Pipe
Arntzen manufactures steel caissons with reinforcing bands, twist lock slots and picking eye holes for drilled shaft and deep foundation applications.

Steel Caisson Capabilities

General Capabilities
Rolled & Welded Steel Caissons
17 Different Plate Rolls of All Sizes
Cutting, Rolling, Bending & Welded to Specification
Large Plate Inventory
Quick Shipping
Cutting Teeth
Picking Eyes
Reinforcement Bands
Twisting Slots
Equipment Capabilities
Double Submerged Arc Welding (DSAW)
Automated Seam Welding Equipment
Facility Capabilities
200,000 Square Feet Under Roof
35 Acres Outside Storage
Rail Access
Carbon Steel
Coal Tar Epoxy Coating
Black Bituminous Coating
Universal Primer
Full Penetration Weld Procedures
Liquid Dye Penetrant
Material test Reports available (Physical & Chemical)
Outside Diameter
Maximum Length
Wall Thickness
Production Volume
4,000' per week
Lead Time
1 day to 3 weeks

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Underground Construction
Application / Products
Barge Fenders
Bridge Contractors
Bridge Piers
Coffer Dams
Dam Construction
Drilled Foundation Contractors
Drilled Shafts
Marine Contractors
Mooring Cells
Power Transmission Tower Foundations
Soil Stabilization
Telecommunication Tower Foundations
Industry Standards
Welding to AWS D1.1
File Formats
Inventor (IDW, IPT)
Pro-E or Pro/Engineer (DRW, PRT, XPR)
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